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Gujarati Panchang

The Hindus follow the Panchang which is a spiritual and scientific calendar .It provides a listing of festivals, weather predictions, events, epidemics and personal fortune. The word "Panch" means five and "ang" means aspect.

Panchang is an ancient Indian Calendar system based on Astrological facts. Calculations are done based on the position and movement of the planets, stars and constellations. These are used to determine the most ideal or auspicious time for carrying out various activities like getting married, stepping into a new home, attending work for the first time, etc. The Panchang is also a readymade guide that gives us the dates of important hindu festivals. It gives the exact time when a particular task can

be undertaken to reap maximum benefits. It defines a particular time of a day using the five parameters - the day, the tithi, the star, the yoga and the karana corresponding to that day.

Panchang- is it a necessity

* Any new venture started on an appropriate tithi will fetch prosperity.
* Any deed done on the right day of the week will enhance longevity.
* Any deed done on a day with a favorable star will alleviate a person from all sorts of ill effects.
* Diseases will disappear if deeds are performed at a time with good and beneficial yoga.
* A deed done during good and beneficial karana will help in the achievement of the objective and remove hurdles and impediments.

The Panchang is a tool that can maximize the chances of your efforts yielding positive results and help you achieve your goals. You can use Panchang as a ready reckoner for important days and also to tell you the most ideal time for you to start on your ventures so you get the most out of them.

Constitution of Panchang

The time between two consecutive risings of the sun is the Solar day .
The time between two consecutive risings of the moon is taken as Lunar Day or Tithi.

The panchang measures time in lunar months whose names reveal the secret path of stars and constellations. The face of the new moon is called "Amavasya" and it ushers in the new month. The first fortnight of the full moon is known as Shuklapaksha or "the bright half" as the moon waxes; while the dark half fortnight of the month is called Krishnapaksha during which the moon wanes. Poornima marks the end of Shuklapaksha.

Months in the lunar year according to the Panchang

The Hindu calendar usually has 12 months each given the name of the solar month in which it begins.However there may even be 13 months as each month begins with the new moon. When two moons occur in the same solar month, the two lunar months will both be known by the same name, but will have "adhika" placed before the name of the first month.Occasionally a solar month may occur with no moon., when this happens, the solar month is known as a "ksaya" month.

The twelve months of the lunar year correspond to the following:
Chaitra (March - April)
Vaisakh (April - May)
Jyeshta (May - June)
Aashaadh (June - July)
Shravan (July - August)
Bhadra (August - September)
Ashwin (September - October)
Kartik (October - November)
Margasheersh (November - December)
Paush (December - January)
Maagh (January - February)
Phagun (February - March)

The Days in the Lunar year are:

The Panchang lists four weeks of seven days for a lunar month, identified with planets and gods.
Panchang Name English Name Planet Name of God
Somvar Monday Moon Shiva
Mangalvar Tuesday Mars Ganapati, Parvati
Budhvar Wednesday Mercury Krishna
Guruvar Thursday Jupiter Dattaguru
Shukravar Friday Venus Lakshmi
Shanivar Saturday Saturn Hanuman
Ravivar Sunday Sun Sun God

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